Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh Hey, Blog World!

Wow, I haven't posted since June 9th? I bet you all are wondering what the hell happened to me and my blogging. Well, if any of you read the last post, you'll understand that I've been recovering from the half-marathon ever since. You know, running kills your typing fingers...

But enough with the excuses! I'm back and now have to figure out what I'm going to write about! While I come up with my next extensive blog topic, here's a cornucopia of Marc's Random Thoughts to hold you over:

It is only July, and between Julie and I, we have figured out we have at least six weddings to go to in 2012 and we've got two close friends that are pregnant and due this week! What the hell people? When did we stop running at recess and getting grass stains on our knees? And when did we start trading in Ring Pops for engagement rings?

Yep, that's right. Next week Julie and I take off for a one week vacation to Ochos Rios, Jamaica! You can imagine how excited my camera-happy self is right about now!

What a bunch of fools. I have followed the NFL lockout closely, and I have a relatively good understanding of the collective bargaining agreement and the respective sides of the lockout (i.e. owners vs. players). And with all that being said, I still only have one sentiment I'd like to share with both sides...SHUT THE HELL UP, ALL OF YOU! Lockouts in professional sports should never happen. Owners have so much money, they don't know what to do with it so they spend it on "high quality investments" like the Detroit Lions (sorry, Tom) and Sacramento Kings...(yes, sarcasm). Players are getting paid millions to play a sport. I can understand why Kobe Bryant feels he deserves more money than say, Brian Scalabrine, but their scale is so warped that Scalabrine (a 4-minute man) still made $1.22 million in 2010-11. But these lockouts are sickening.

*SIDE NOTE - Prior to the NFL lockout being lifted, I could have still guaranteed you they will come out of this, and be fine. Because they are the NFL, the world's largest sports operation. But let me be clear on something...The NBA is not the NFL. After its rise to prominence peaked in the mid-90's with Jordan winning titles like crazy, the NBA suffered horrendously as they developed a perceived reputation as a "thug" or "hip-hop" league, and they spent over a decade trying to rid themselves of that stigma. And in 2008, they were back in the public's good graces, thanks to some huge trades, an influx of young talent, and some old-school teams returning to their roots with some major rivalries (i.e. Lakers vs. Celtics). They held this through this past year. And now they are throwing it all away. The public does not need much ammunition to remind them of their old sentiments about the league, and the NBA lockout is enough. Hearing about players wanting more money, whether right or wrong, is disenchanting for us fans. We all have real lives outside of sports, and when the "privileged few" start raising hell over their Escalade, mansion, Bentley lifestyle...we want to vomit. Just watch...the NBA will suffer from this, and it will be their own damn fault.

1) SUP Boarding - Julie's friend lent us a stand-up paddle board for a week, and it is awesome. Took it out in the ocean and rode through the surf, and learned to surf the waves as well on it. Cruising out beyond the waves is so relaxing.

2) The Wire - I watched Seasons 1-5 of this show and was hooked from the beginning. If you enjoy police detective type shows/movies, I highly recommend this. This show effectively makes you connect not only with the police officers, but for the drug dealers as well.

3) Surfing - Been surfing 2-3 times per week, and loving it. The water is ridiculously warm, which just makes it that much more awesome. Seen lots of dolphins, bat-rays and tiny schools of fish over the last month, too.

4) Beach Cruising - I bought Julie a beach cruiser for her birthday in June, and she hasn't stopped riding it yet. I have a little mountain bike, so I am able to ride with her. But she is obsessed! We ride everywhere...from the Farmer's Market two blocks away, to Encinitas bars/restaurants (8 miles round-trip). It's been another good source of exercise for my out-of-shape ass.

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm going to JAMAICA?!